GCDFs have the option of using the Behavioral Management Information System (BeMIS), a powerful tool to assist their clients in their career development endeavors.

An individual’s personality and character play an important role when it comes to choosing the right career and being successful in it. Effectively measuring these two factors is one of the keys to helping clients achieve their employment goals.

BeMIS is a tool for identifying relevant character and personality attributes, and includes personalized development plans for helping clients to develop new career-facilitating behaviors and eliminate those that impede successful career choice, competence and satisfaction.

BeMIS effectively measures, interprets and reports:

  • Six categories of global behavior:
    1. Productiveness
    2. Assertiveness
    3. Sociability
    4. Individuality
    5. Well-being
    6. Submissiveness
  • 37 important personality variables
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Character strengths and virtues

Career-specific information provided by BeMIS includes:

  • Approach to life
  • Reasoning method
  • Cognitive style
  • Potential career areas
  • Career-relevant personality strengths and constraints


  • Is a standardized, nonthreatening and easy-to-complete 15-minute inventory.
  • Offers the ability to compare a client’s personality to a target (career, work area, educational major, etc.) and immediately begin exploring similarities and compatibility.
  • Presents the data in customized formats that contain only the needed information and range in size from a single page to a detailed graphical, statistical and narrative 20-plus-page report.

The BeMIS PC software was developed by Dr. Daniel R. Collins based on the Interpretive Reports for The Adjective Check List (ACL). This instrument was initially developed in 1975 by Dr.  Daniel R. Collins and Dr. Fred L. Adair and has been continuously improved in functionality and professional relevance.

BeMIS is currently being normed in the following GCDF countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Taiwan and Turkey.

For more information regarding BeMIS please contact us.