Certified Supervision Professional (CSP)

certified_supervision_professionalSupervision is an interactive process through which the supervisor provides instruction and feedback to one or more supervisees about the provision of services and progress of clients. Effective supervision can have a major impact on supervisees’ professional competence and client welfare. It holds a central role in the training and continuous development of counselors and other helping professionals. Standards established by accrediting bodies for the training of counselors emphasize that the preparation of students should occur under intensive supervision.

In line with its mission to promote professionalism and quality assurance in counseling, EBCC collaborated with Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) to develop the CSP certification program. The program aims to equip helping professionals and paraprofessionals with the basic knowledge, skills and techniques of supervision. Members of many professions and fields seek certification as a CSP, including:

–   Vocational guidance specialists

–   Career counselors

–   Mental health counselors

–   School counselors

–   Coaches

–   Psychiatric nurses

–   Psychiatrists

–   Psychologists

–   Social workers

–   Human resources specialists


The CSP program can benefit both practitioners with no supervision experience and supervisors without prior training. It considers the multiple facets of feedback in supervision by focusing on:

–   Practicing skills and techniques

–   Developing reflectiveness in practice

–   Understanding theories and research

–   Supervisors’ previous experiences and roles