Benefits of the GCDF

The GCDF credentialing program has been introduced in both public and private sectors in various types of institutions (e.g., universities, employment agencies, businesses, etc.). Below are are just of few of the observed benefits of the program.

General Benefits for Universities

  • Helps universities to extend their educational offer by providing a credential in career development
  • Supports the universities’ efforts to provide to the public quality certification programs that reach beyond the diploma course, by covering continuous education activities, permanent supervision for the professional growth of the graduates, ethical issues management – everything within the framework of strict educational and professional guidelines
  • Supports graduates to easier find jobs and, as a direct consequence, the university can attract future students
  • Help graduates to expand their list of opportunities in the field of Human Resources (HR) because the GCDF credential is not provided in strict connection with their major

General Benefits for the Business Sector:

GCDF provides HR staff with knowledge about labor market, typical access paths to jobs, career strategies and career management, and with a set of useful tools for:

  • Building up networks for recruitment
  • Conducting job interviews
  • Matching job requirements and skills
  • Detecting strengths and weaknesses of employees
  • Early detection, selection and development of future leaders
  • Finding the appropriate incentives to solve motivation problems of employees and decrease dropouts
  • Avoiding job stress, early burn-out, and fluctuation
  • Dealing with ethnical, culturally etc. diverse employees, teams, and populations
  • Better allocation of human resources

Specific Benefits for GCDF Graduates

  • Develop a systemic and reflexive manner of thinking when it comes to approaching their professional development and career management issues
  • Practice communication skills and (self) assessment abilities within the context of their own professional path
  • Learn to optimize personal activities in order to get more benefits in their career
  • Enjoy constant support by becoming part of a large national and international GCDF community
  • Have constant access to continuous education offers in order to constantly improve their skills and abilities
  • Have access to various resources through the counseling library hosted by NBCC national office or EBCC partners