GCDF: An International Credential

GCDF is an international credential, engineered to be flexible to meet country-specific needs. GCDF program administrators work with local career development experts to construct a framework that is rigorous enough to assure quality as well as sensitivity to local realities. EBCC and the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) promote country-specific credentialing as a valid index of quality.

The 12 core competencies in the GCDF curriculum have been endorsed by career development experts in the 17 countries in which the GCDF program has been implemented.  Some competencies have been shaped by local demands (including labor market trends, favorable employment skills, legal issues, diversity and technology).

All GCDFs complete at least 120 hours of training based on a curriculum infused with general and country-specific activities, adhere to a code of ethics, undergo a period of supervised practice, and engage in continuous education activities.

  • Supervised Practice
    GCDFs have access to continuous supervision services provided by qualified EBCC professionals during training and professional practice.
  • Code of Ethics
    GCDFs abide by the GCDF Code of Ethics, designed to provide appropriate ethical practice guidelines and enforceable standards of conduct for all credential holders and applicants.
  • GCDF Recredentialing
    The GCDF credential is valid for three to five years, depending on the requirements of each country. To recredential, GCDFs are required to:

    • Stay up to date by completing 75 hours of career development–related continuous education.
    • Document supervised work experience hours specific to career guidance and facilitation.