MHF Training

MHF training focuses on preparing individuals for a variety of basic mental health situations in a multicultural and multidisciplinary context. For this reason, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and members of related professions helped to design the program.

Training providers start with NBCC-I’s core curriculum—a compilation of mental health knowledge and skills accepted around the world—and then modify and add content, including role-playing and other class activities, to fit local norms. This helps assure that anyone with MHF training can understand problems and recommend solutions in a realistic local context.

The MHF base curriculum includes these core competencies:

  • Helping skills
  • Mental stress, distress and disorders
  • Disaster/trauma response
  • Community resources
  • Referral to other providers

The 30-hour MHF training program includes:

  • MHF curriculum
  • Training of trainers
  • List of mandatory administrative procedures for MHF trainers
  • Different instructional techniques and presentation skills
  • Trainer evaluation