FUTURE Demonstration Event & Creativity Workshop

IMG_3132The European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC) successfully organized the FUTURE demonstration event in Portugal last Thursday afternoon! 30 career guidance experts and practitioners attended the Seminar FUTURE “Vocational and Career Guidance from a Gamified Approach”, which was devoted to the presentation of FUTURE innovative career game in a 3D virtual word environment. The career game aims aimed at introducing young people to the jobs and skills of the future, and a young participant from Generation Z was invited to play two missions. The audience was of a great help to think about how challenges may help the players developing various career skills and labor market knowledge.

We INVITE YOU TO TEST THE FUTURE TIME TRAVELLER career game here and provide your personal feedback here.

The FUTURE seminar participants were also invited to take part in a creativity workshop where they brainstormed in groups about 6 career games and scenarios for innovative game-based career guidance. Two European contests – one for young people from Generation Z, and other for career guidance practitioners – were also announced at the end of the seminar intending to boost the spirit of innovation, creativity and more opened career guidance approaches for the future.

If you would like to participate in the European contests, please follow the FUTURE Project Facebook Page and Website as we will be soon launching a competition for innovative career games and instruments, as well as collecting ideas about future emerging jobs!