Global Career Development Facilitator

  • 18.000+ GCDF career consultants in 18 countries
  • International certification
  • Validation of professional competences


Mental Health Facilitator

  • Developed in consultancy with the World Health Organization
  • Implemented in 25 countries
  • Introductory training in mental health that focuses on the development of helping skills and screening in the area of mental health


Certified Supervision Professional

  • Supervision certification training program addressed to experienced specialists in the area of helping professions (counselors, psychologists, coaches, social workers, etc)
  • Practical validation of competences
  • International curriculum

News and Events
Projeto FUTURE Time Traveller –  Newsletter 2

Projeto FUTURE Time Traveller – Newsletter 2

No âmbito da participação da European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC) Associação no  projeto cofinanciado pelo Programa Erasmus+, FUTURE Time Traveller, gostaríamos de partilhar consigo a nossa mais recente Newsletter 2. Destacamos a celebração de […]